Hi everyone,
I'm building a guitar right now and I'm going t be using a Gibraltar Standard bridge. I need to know how high the strings are from the wood with this bridge so I know what sort of neck angle to be making. Can anyone help me out?
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To me, it's important that the bridge's radius matches the radius of the neck's fretboard. If not, the action setup will be off, and impossible to fix. Good luck.
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I have no experience with this bridge, but from the looks of it, it does not require any neck angle.
Neck angle and bridge height are interdependant. Low angle, low bridge, high angle, high bridge.
Strings are straight from nut to bridge, both neck angle and bridge height help determine action.
Establish the neck angle, adjust bridge for setup, or decide how high you want the bridge, and adjust the neck angle to get the strings the right height off the frets.