Basically ive had logic a while, has always ran fine.

I went to record today, and now when i record, all goes normal. You hear the bass/guitar etc, when it records you see the audio coming up. Then you stop recording, and the audio display image goes, leaving a line as if there were no signal or audio. But when i press play...the audio is there playing, i just cant see it. Obviously this isnt good enough because i need to see the audio for editing purposes. The only thing i messed with recently was the recording delay metre, but i set it back to where it was before i did these recordings. Can anybody tell me whats going wrong?

ive checked all my hardware, everythings set up as normal, i just dont get it. Even when i open old recordings n try recording on the set up channels the same happens.
when you record in logic (or when you import audio), the region usually comes u pas a blank line and then logic tells you it's "drawing overview" or something. the overview is just the visual part of the waveform, so I guess it's just not drawing that properly

if you import audio does it have the same problem?
No, imported audio comes up as normal.

i just messed around with my delay metre n put it in the centre at -28 samples. Now the audio is displaying again. I dont understand this though as i used to have it a bar to the right of centre :S

Perhaps its because i had never touched the recording delay metre before. I have to be honest though im not quite sure what that metre does. I thought i knew what it did...but i thought it was a latency metre. Unless they are one and the same thing :S
Although its now working, make sure all your software is up to date. Including your audio interface, midi controller and anything else you use that you need Drivers for. Companys like m-audio are always updating their drivers, apple occasionally will write an update for logic as well. Update everything and see if it runs more smoothly
Which version of Logic are you using? Also, I've never seen 'delay metre' in Logic Pro 8, could you be talking about the buffer size? If it is in fact buffer size, which I thought 32 samples was the lowest possible in Logic, then it shouldn't have made any difference.

My first thoughts were either you had a comp track set up and it was displaying the wrong take, or that you've messed (unintentionally) with the track zoom settings.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
Thanks for info and feedback guys.

@disarmGoliath, im on 9 dude.

Well, i dont know, since i put that bar centre...everythings working... so fingers crossed ay haha! Im still very noobed to mac and logic.
They might have changed a few option names between 8 and 9 but essentially it's the same with the guitar amp pro revamped and a few new features (if I had the money at the moment, that and the easier drum replacement and 'elastic audio' features would be the dealmaker).

Anyway, glad it's sorted - I suggest you go on the Logic Pro help forum and ask exactly what 'delay metre' does, and also what could be causing your problem in the meantime!
Hey, look. Sigs are back.