I'm starting to look for a combo amp to use for jamming since I really do not enjoy having to lug my rig to and from the jam space.

Budget: $500 or there abouts (if there's nothing suitable in this range I can save up more)

Genres: Rock, metal, blues, maybe some prog and jazz (not really the tonal focus though)

New or Used: Most likely new, I've scoured local classifieds thus far with no avail.

Home or Gig: Jamming with drummer and bassist

Current Gear: Godin Detour loaded with Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge and PAF Pro in the neck, Schecter Jeff Loomis NT, Krank Rev. JR, Maxxon OD808, Diamond J-Drive, Pod HD 300

Thus far I've been looking at the Peavey Windsor mainly. I've been Jonesing for a JCM800 or an amp of the same fashion as well as something to potentially mod later on, so that would hopefully cure that GAS. If I went for that I'd probably do a tube swap (JJs in the pre amp and a KT88 in the power section), speaker change and look into making it closed back.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Not crazy about the JCM 900 or the VK, the Vox is out of my price range and probably not my ideal voicing (not a huge fan or EL84s), The 6505 probably wouldn't be ideal for the more low to mid gain tones, and I'd be all over the XXX combo if I could find one used locally.
A Mesa Stilletto would be probably be ideal, truthfully, I'll have to keep a lookout for a used one locally. Unfortunately I've never seen one for less than $900 or so and that was just a head.

The Vypyr is also an interesting choice, especially since I could also probably get away without bringing my ME or ODs with me. Though getting that pretty much takes away any future hope I have of modding the amp.

Anyone have any experience with the Windsor Studio? How are its dynamics? Does it respond well to changes in the guitars out put or pick attack? Does it take pedals well?