One of the best venues in the country, Rocketown, is on the brink of being shut down. The Nashville board of directors is threatening to close this venue due to bands such as Asking Alexandria, Emmure, Ringworm, Rose Funeral, and countless other signed and local bands that use profanity and have non-Christian lyrics. If you care at all about other scenes in the world, then please sign this petition. All you have to do is enter your name, email, and zip code. Thanks! http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/rcktwn/
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No, he's saying they're shutting down because the bands aren't Christian.

I don't care about Christians, so no.
Because bands, such as the ones I listed, play there (i hate the ones i listed except for Ringworm) but they're going to stop all those bands from playing there because of just the ones I listed. The Nashville Board of Directors listed Emmure and Asking Alexandria as bands that are a quintessential example of why they would ban non-Christian bands. And Rocketown wouldn't shut themselves down, they would just lose a ridiculous amount of money, thus having to shut down.
And like Cody said, it's a Christian venue but they don't book just Christian bands. But the Nashville Board of Directors are threatening to only allow Christian bands to play there. They do not understand that it's Rocketown's duties to cater to what the fans want, not what they think is right.
The Nashville Board of Directors sounds like it's run by the city of Nashville, I had no idea that politicians cared about metalcore bands cussing at Christian venues, much less that they would try to do something about it. I mean, wtf, in Nashville do you have to have a special permit or something to be a 'secular' venue? If not then this is completely bogus.
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Trust me dude, I go to Rocketown all the time and the Board of Directors are making a huge deal out of it. It's really messed up that they're trying to do it. All because of some bands that play aren't Christian and they cuss.