For a couple of years ago, I bought a "build your own guitar" kit with my father. We were going to build it together and yada yada.

I got a Les Paul model for this because alot of my favorite guitarists have a Les Paul.

We got quite far (we're still not finished because of some technical issues), so we have the whole guitar built up and almost done. We just need to wire some stuff and make it work as an electric guitar.

The problem I have:
I put strings on the guitar and the pick ups and everything is in place. So I tuned it and was all like; "Yay, I can finally at least start playing a bit", but no. It sounds kinda great until I get to the 10th or the 12th fret. From there it starts to sound sucky. I can't really explain the sound at all. It sounds like the string isn't enough "tense".

At first I thought it was I had done something wrong with the strings or something, but then I actually realized it might be the pickups. So I started to fix with the pickups and it sounds alot better on the E B G strings, but the lower strings still sound shitty.

I don't really know what else to do right now, so i'd appreciate any kind of help with this issue. It bugs me because now it just sits there and does nothing. Nothing at all.

Thank you!

Ps. My english isn't the best, never read it to an advanced level in school, so i apologise for that. I'd also like to blame my sucky enligsh on the fact that I'm Swedish....because I can.
if you can't explain what makes the sound bad beyond the 12th fret to us, it's really hard for us to tell you what to do :/

is the sound coming from the guitar when it's unplugged and being played above the 12th fret, or is it a sound you hear through the amp?

what did you change on the pickups that helped on the e b and g strings?
Yeah, I'm sorry, the sound is just terrible though, i don't know what to compare it against since I've never heard another guitar make that sound. I guess it sounds kinda "buzzy" or something.

It's coming from the guitar unplugged.

Well, the first time i played the pickups where at the absolute bottom so I just made them closer to the strings and it made the the e b and g strings sound alot better, however not the lower strings. So I tried to just lower it and higher it to see the changes.

Edit: http://rapidshare.com/files/453687306/sucky.mp3 <- sorry, you have to download it, but it's a small file and if you listen closley you can hear the sound it makes!
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Buzzy? The frets are probably uneven. You can probably get them leveled at most guitar shops. It'll be about a $50 fix, which seems painful until you realize how many special tools are required to level frets - fret files and whatnot.
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Hm, yeah. I really should just let them fix the whole guitar. It isn't in perfect "shape". It'll be expensive though, but probably worth it, as you say.

Thanks for your help!