Hey, I've been playing bass for about 3 years now, and unfortunately, due to the whole "living in Sussex County" deal, I've been hard=pressed to find any other musicians with my taste in the area.

I'm mostly into prog rock, old and new (i.e. The Mars Volta, Coheed and Cambria, King Crimson), but it seems no one else in my general area is into jamming with me under those pretenses. I also love jazz and blues, and would love to just do some improv jamming, see what we could get up and rolling. I enjoy comradery as much as i enjoy pure business, so naturally jam sessions would involve a lot of talking and joking around, in addition to dedicated work and writing.

I am 18, with the following basses and guitars in my arsenal: Music Man 4HH Stingray Bass, Squier Vintage Modified Fretless Jazz Bass, Epiphone Les Paul 100 guitar, Ibanez Gio GSR206 6-string Bass, Ibanez AEB5E Acoustic Electric Bass, Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass.

I'm not sure of my vocal capabilities, but I've been told I can simulate Josh Homme's voice rather well. So, I suppose, the upper ranges are best for me. I have a naturally high voice for someone my age.

Much love, 310320
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