So today I went to my local guitar shop in hopes of finding a distortion/overdrive pedal and I did. I came out of the shop with a Boss Metal Zone mt-2 that was modded. And the mod was a toggle switch that when flipped on lets you reach tones for bluesier rock or as the guy told me I could get those 70's hard rock tones. Of course I tried it out and the switch did exactly as the guy told me. That type of range pretty much convinced me and I bought it.

Ok so enough with the background just wanted to ask if anyone can suggest any settings for it? And the style doesn't matter it's just so I can get an idea of what tones I can get and then I'll see how I can set it up based your suggestions.

Thank you.

Sorry for no picture I'll take some later because right now I have to go to work.

Thank you, again.
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Most peopledont really like that pedal, so settings will be hard to come by
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arent setting threads against the rules? i know they are for amps not to sure about pedals. check the settings thread

and yeah asking about that pedal modded or not is going to start a flame war.
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the best setting would be to turn everything to zero, or just turn it off.

seriously though, turn the treble down a bit, the mid frequency to between 10 and 1, the mid boost to 1 o'clock, the low to maybe 1 o'clock as well, and the gain to wherever. not really a good pedal for anything other than either old school 80's metal, like early Metallica and early Cannibal Corpse, or just annoying everyone else.

and yes, setting threads are against the rules, i believe.
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Settings threads:
Everyone's rig is different; everyone's ear is different. Settings that work for you do not work for the next person. Therefore, settings threads are not allowed as they are not productive. If you really think you need settings, use the Settings Thread

therefore, reported.
i had one and the only half decent tone i could get was a kill em all type tone
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Here's one setting you can try.

Get off your computer and start turning the knobs and play your guitar. If you need better tone, maybe try closing your eyes and turn the knobs again and again till you like it.
the best setting is a paper weight... lol

i was able to get a lot better tones from that pedal than other people i knew that also had it, but nothing spectacular.

hmm i'm trying to remember how i used to have mine set up when i had one, i still do have one i just have no idea where it is. but i dont need it so whatever.

i used this for heavy riffing. chugging pretty much just the only high distortion sound i liked from the metal zone so i used it for pretty much anything that neeeded high gain.

Level:1/4-3/4 depending on how loud you're going

high: between 12 and 2 O'clock

low:between 2 and 3 O'clock

distortion: between 12 and 1 O'clock/.

now if i remember correctly( i could totally be wrong) i had:

mid freq: 11 O'clock
mid: somewhere between 11 and 2 O'clock

this tone was changed drastically and on the solid state amp i used to to have i had to scoop the mids (something i dont like doing) and i couldnt turn the highs or lows past 6 or else it wud just sound like crap.. that was only at higher volumes. at lower volumes the tone really wasnt that bad.
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I like these settings for heavier, more modern metal. Its with a stock MT2 though, might sound different.
Flip that switch for whichever mode has more gain.

Low- 10-11 oclock
Mid- Maxed out.
Mid frequency- Lowest possible position
Treble- 11 oclock to 1 o clock.
Gain- 1 oclock