Right now I use livewire and it gets warned out so easily. So what's a good quality cable?that's not to expensive. And has anyone tried this one http://www.customguitargear.com/analysis-dark-choc.html but I'm not looking to spend this much
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Monster cable or planet waves. For what reason anyone would spend 80.00 on a 1/4 cable is beyond me.

Don't be an audiophile and think certain cables are made from unicorn hair and the jacks are fashioned from leprechaun gold. Spend 1.50 or so a foot and you'll get a fine cable 99% of the time
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Check out Monster Cable and Planet Waves. I have both right now and i am EXTREMELY rough on my cables (set on em a lot and such at shows). I have not had any problems at all with either brand and i have played about 40 shows or so with the set i am currently using..

Planet Waves' gold-plated 1/4" straight instrument cable 20'

2 Monster Cable Monster Rock 12' cables

Should be about $30.00 or so. Check em out.
my local store that I love has only Proco's cables. I use Proco's Lifelines and got one Exelline as well. Great cables, never had any trouble with them. Lifelines also have 2 years warranty i think.