does anyone know what equipment an such i can use with pod farm to get sounds like as i lay dying,miss may i, the ghost inside,attack attack, the devil wears prada stuff like that?
Most people seem to go with the Treadplate dual / Solo 100 head, with a screamer, noisegate, para eq and comp. Maybe dual tracked.

The JCM model with the screamer on isn't bad either
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You can download Bulb of Periphery's bass and guitar patches over on sevenstring.org

lol and what is that?
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lol a better tone than any of the bands you listed have.

woah woah mustangman dont expose him to good music, might burn his skin o_O
hahaha okay well how do i find it i went to the web site but idk where to go from there i cant find downlaods or nothing
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Even if you don't like Periphery, I think Misha deserves mad props for the tones he creates.
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