So I'm moving out in a few months and I'm really thinking the difference in environment is going to throw off all my amp settings. I'm also thinking 60 watts is a lot for a 15x13 room in a house. I'm just afraid I wont get the sound I want.
Currently I'm playing in a large tin "hanger" like barn. Its defiantly not an issue to reach the level of break-up I want.

I guess my question is should I get rid of my Deville and get something smaller?
If yes, then what amp would be good amp for cleans?
I figure an AC30 or something like it would be a great replacement.
Input? Advice? Stories? Experiences? Any guidance would be great.
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well a change in rooms will alter the sound coming from your amp, much like playing in differnt venues, but surely you will be able to tweak the eq's ect to get the sound you want?

in regards to if you want a new amp, budget, genres ect..?
An AC30 is a heck of a lot louder than a DeVille. I would just find some new settings on the DeVille...
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So an AC30 2x12 is louder then my deville 60watt 2x12? What im saying is the Deville is loud....I have it at maybe 2-3 tops.
I play classic rock, blues, and grunge. Pretty much "rock" in general.
Cleans are important to me so I figure another Fender amp or a Vox AC30 would be nice. It has to be tube of course.
As far as budget there really isn't one, but I want to make sure im getting my moneys worth. Id much rather not pay $3,000 for a boutique amp when I could get something really nice for $1,000. See what I mean? Other then that an effects loop is a must have.
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