Would anyone be interested in the introduction of a musical swap shop? This could be anythiing from books to music songsheets to accessories or instruments themselves. Basically anything to do with making music! Its strictly swaps so no traders would be interested and there would be the opportunity to talk about your swaps on a swapmeet forum. I'm not interested in people wanting to sell their instruments - thats what eBay is for, this is just to swap.

I am doing this for my university e-promotion and e-marketing project so I need to know if my idea is sound. Just a yes will suffice! I will keep you posted on how the site is coming along and hope that you will be interested in swapping your harmonica for a didgeridoo or whatever on the music swap shop.
Im interested in that idea, i am looking to swap my stuff, but its kinda looking like i will have to sell it first to buy
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It sure sounds like an interesting idea, so I would say Yes for the idea, but Im wondering about how good it would do IRL, instead on just paper.
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