Sounds good, you sing well too. I'm not good at saying anything about this kind of "simple" guitar playing either I like it or I don't, this I do like ! I like the synth at 1:20 it adds much of the mood in the track. It's great that you reuse it with a little more full melody going over to a bassline on synth at 3:07. overall a great track!

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That was great dude! Guitar's a little quiet and the synth tone could be improved upon but I think you were goin' for a more retro "chiptune" sound.

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Thanks! I used MilkyTracker to make the backing track and the synth sounds. I wasn't exactly going for the retro sound per se, but that's the way it ended up sounding since I'm restricted to using retro music software for my songs. I'm glad you recognized the chiptune influence, but I'm not going to use that as an excuse to leave my music sounding raw.

What can I do to improve my sound?

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