Last thread got a little too long and unclear, so I'll let that one die and continue with this one!

I got this Jackson Performer PS-3 in pretty good condition, I would say 7.5/10, looking for a new home!

Whether you need a new pointy guitar, a beater, project body / neck, or just a collectible, this guitar would be glad to join you!

The model is a 95' I believe, so this was probably made in Japan. I'm not completely sure though. The craftsmanship is surprisingly decent given the fact that these were the lower class of the Professional Series introduced by Jackson in 1990 as part of their very first imported guitars.

The guitar is in very good condition, keep in mind its 14+ years old, and the only detectable damage is on the pointy edges of the guitar, just like every other well used V (Look at pics).

The body appears to be poplar, and the finish on the body is navy blue but the last owner put on some sort of sticker-checkered-pattern that I'm sure could be taken off easily and cleaned if you don't like it, I left it on because I personally like it. I have cleaned it up nice and pretty so it looks shiny.

I do not have the original pickups as they were replaced in 1997 for a set of EMG 81/81 which sound incredible (Honestly, the sound coming from this guitar through an amp is almost like the sound coming from my DK2M). I'm sure you will be surprised how well it plays and sounds when you have it in your hands.

Note that the EMGs are hardwired, not the quick connect ones. Also the input jack seems to have been taken a toll on by time, and it could use a replacement. If I find a stereo jack I'll replace it for you. The hardware is pretty aged too, so adjusting the bridge action and tuners is a little harder, they could use some better cleaning too.

As a buyer, you have the following options upon purchase:

$150 + shipping + paypal fees!! Last price drop (this is for the guitar without electronics)
$200 + shipping + paypal fees w/ electronics!! Last price drop as well

No trades on this, I need the money.
Partial trades of something + cash might be considered.

If you buy, you have a week to decide if you like it or not (upon receiving it), if you don't, send it back and I'll give you a full refund. The shipping charges will not be refunded.
I accept paypal and personal checks.