hi guys i have a serious problem my back hurts me ... the docteur told me to stop playing for a while and i can't do it >< any ways could u give me some things to do that could help me in my playing ... somthing that i can practice it without a guitar
Music theory

You could also increase your knowledge of music generally. Music history and all that. Study up on it. It probably won't help you with your technical playing but I think it's good stuff for a musician to know considering he's dedicated his life to it. (To hell with feminism I'll say 'he' if I like, girls have cooties anyway)

You could also learn to sing.
Lie on your back while playing. My doctor told me it was no probs.
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i guessing the weight of your guitar is giving you back problems yeah? play an acoustic or play sitting down.
no sir away a papaya war is on