Hello everyone ! I've been a small lurker here, wanted to share my debut demo album ( for free off course ) with you guys. It's basically experimental rock/metal.
That is also my first production work, I had no help whatsoever from anyone, it was pretty difficult for me, but I'm proud.

( full length previews ) ( quality a bit reduced )

Here's a high quality sounding vid from one of my tracks:


If you like my materials, like my page on fb or download my album for free ( with greater sound quality )
I listened to the one in the YouTube link you posted.
Sounded pretty cool. I quite liked it.

EDIT: Where exactly CAN we download your album...?
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Yeah, that sounds really great to me too.

Congratulations on your accomplishment.

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Thanks guys ! Was a pretty difficult experience for me. I know I made no masterpiece, but in the future I'm hoping to do better music

I m gonna try and upload the album here! meanwhile, I posted another song on my ultimate guitar profile ! check it out, this one is different, it has some show off solos lol
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I congratulate you on this undertaking.

Keep up the work and don't stop man, its hard to do all this by yourself so props.

My band is in the process of saving up moolah to record an EP, wish we were all millionaires =(
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Thanks a lot ! I appreciate it !

For an EP material, I got good solutions that doesn't cost much. I've done this for my album with the lowest budget possible. ( off course sound is not studio material, but it's not bad)