Hey all.

So I'm looking at getting this guitar, the Dimebag Darrell 333 Dimebolt, made in 1998.
I believe it's no longer being made, and its quite rare. But I'd like to hear other opinions on it, should I pick it up for $600?
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do you play metal? and just because a guitar is no longer made doesn't mean it's value will skyrocket, especially since it looks the exact same as the dean ones. they probably just changed distribution companies. just saying that its not like a different kind of model.

up to you though, if you play enough metal that you think you'd like it.
The Wasburns are much higher quality then the Deans. I think this guitar will go up in worth simply because it's the rare Dimebag guitar.

Dean dime guitars are EVERYWHERE, the Washburns are not.
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I don't care about it's value weather it tends to rise or fall.

I'm looking to see if $600 is a decent price on this particular item, since I love the Dimebag body, my favorite of them all.
And yes I do play metal mostly. But also a variety of many other stuff.

Also anyone who has had experience playing on this guitar, I'd love to hear your experiences. (13 year old guitar, someone must have tried it!)
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