First of all, I'm a noob in both music theory and Guitar Pro, but decided to mess around with the program yesterday and make this short melody.

Please feedbacks are appreciated, both good and bad, and what should I've added, shouldn't have made
Short Melody.zip
Firstly, some of your bars don't fit. Secondly, try using the scales feature on the fretboard to keep your songs in key. Thirdly, take some theory lessons, they do help.

Your 2nd bar was quite nice. You need to work on the transition from acoustic to distortion, it just doesn't work in this case. But keep at it, I look forward to anything you might do with this.
Thanks Andalus,
I'll check for some free theory lessons. About the scale feature, yeah I know about it, I was in fact using the Hirajoshi scale, and I sticked with the key.

Anyway, I decided to ditch it and do another one from scratch, it's combined with heavy riffs and lead patterns. As always feedbacks appreciated.
another song.zip
As the person before me said, the bars are quite off. I don't really even know what you were doing with all those tiny note values. Just practice rhythm notation more, I guess. I learned it just by doing it. Now it's second nature to me.

In response to your question about how I compose stuff in guitar pro... Well, it really depends. If it's more of a guitar driven song, I'll write some riffs on an actual guitar and then put them down, then just notate keys, bass, and drums from my head... When it's orchestral stuff, I just do it all from my head. Usually I have some sort of idea for the orchestration already planned out, and I just key it all in.
You used a nice scale, sounded heavy.
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yeah the notes didn't sound off key, the rhythm though was all over the place