It's kind of quiet, male voice singing, and it goes:

C-D-C-F... F-E-E... E-C-C....

i heard it on the radio at home, and now i'm back in college off spring break, and it's stuck in my head..

I think I've heard it before, but I'm not sure...
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Is that a chord progression?

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What's the rhythm?
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Is that a chord progression?

no, it's the melody

the chord progression would be...

Am (C-D-C) F (F... F-E..) C (E..E-C) Am (C... C-D-C)

with the melody in () and the chords before it

So the chord progression is F C Am
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Maybe you could make a recording of the melody played in time? Otherwise, I don't think anyone has a chance of naming it.
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