I have a les Paul which I use for nearly exclusively intense rhythm and solos, it already has high output pickups in it, but I'm wanting more. Does anybody know/have a diagram on how I could wire it without pots (i.e. no volume or tone, I dont use them on this guitar)? Will it have to be grounded? I know itll be brighter, thats okay too. I'm not interested in no load tone pots because they dont have anything like that for volume. Thanks for any advice.
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I see no reason why no load tone pots couldn't be used for volume - they are just pots - you wire then different for tone, but I believe they are a fender made product and only come in 250k - although I may be wrong - I think the ones I put in my strat are made by CTS.

Back to your question though, essentially you need to wire the hot output from each pickup to one of the two outer lugs (inputs) of your 3 way switch and the output directly to the Jack, then you have to join all the grounds together, including the one to the jack, and the one to the bridge.

It would look something like

@ mark_wuk - You've got the middle lug on the switch and the ground lug mixed, the tip should be wired to the middle in the row of three, the one on the back should be grounded.

Other than that, the diagram works fine, it will be louder and brighter without the pots.


you want the impedance divider in your guitar.

a guitar with no volume pot will be less hot not more hot.
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I have 3 of my guitar wired straight from switch to jack and I love the subtle difference it makes......that diagram is the way I do it (apart from the mix up that monkey pointed out)..I have also done it with a 5 way switch as well