ive almost come to the decision im gonna buy a new guitar
it honestly will take me around 4-5months to get around $300
are there good guitars for that price? if so what guitar would you suggest?
a good guitar for $250 would be great but if around 50-75 more would get me a significantly better guitar then im willing to wait longer
I recommend the Fender T-Bucket for $300. I played it at a local store and it was amazing. Great feel and awesome look. It was also an acoustic electric. And there are many other brands to look at. Seagull, Ovation, Gibson Epiphone, and Ibanez for moderately cheap good sounding ones. Its also good to go to a store and look at some there and you never know. you may find an amazing great feeling guitar for just around $200. Just a strike of luck of what your local stores have in stock.
I just bought a Yamaha APX 500. I really like it and it has great reviews. It runs $299.99 at GC but you can usually find them cheaper. I paid $214.00 for mine as it was a manufacturer repair.