I have spent many hours on a Mesa Roadster and a ENGL Powerball II at my local music stores and I just can't decide between the two amps. I'm at the point that I would flip a coin and decide on either amp. I know the pros and cons of each, but is there one reason any of you all have either of these amps?

If I decide on the Mesa Roadster, I would be purchasing a tubescreamer to tighten it up a bit, since I preferred the sound of the Roadster over the sound of the Mark V. Also please don't suggest a 6505+, I've tried it many times and am just not a fan.

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Well, two different sounds from different continents

I just changed from mesa to engl because I liked the sound more...

But dude, you can't go wrong no matter what you pick
Two complete extremes of tone and style.

for all out metal, the ENGL hands down, everything else, the Roadster.

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Just grab the roadster, it is a far more versatile amp. With an OD I dare say it'll also slay the powerball at metal. Just a far more organic sounding roar of an amp. That's coming from an ENGL fanboi
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