Hi guys. I have my POD since ever, and it's been my loyal friend, but it's time for some valves!

I'm kinda stuck between 333XL head (or combo), the 6505+ 1x12 combo and, I'm including here the Blackstar ht5 head, knowing it may be out of its league.

I planning to spend up to 600€ ( approx 850 USD), but if can solve it with less, well... better yet!

I play metal, but nothing super extreme stuff. Let's say that on a 1-10 scale, my gain rarely goes up the 7 mark. but it does not go down either lol. cleans are important, but crunch, is not that much for me

Since it's mostly for bedroom playing, I've included the HT-5, but I'm not sure about it giving me enough power. Will the HT-5 necessarily make me buy a boost pedal?

If I choose one of the two suggested heads, how badly do I need a cabinet (I'm going with a 1x12) with a celestion speaker? is it really the only good brand?

Don't let my initial choices hold your suggestions!
The bugera combo will do you well, so will the peavy. The 333 will have better cleans that the peavey, and the blackstar will prolly have the best cleans.

If your just playing at bedroom level, you won't really hear the true potentional of the 6505 or the 333, as they need some volume to really open up. That said,they both do sound plenty good for bedroom playing, they just sound better when they are loud.
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The 6505+ combo has a mediocre speaker, so if you could I'd suggest getting the 333xl and a Harley Benton G212 Vintage 2x12 cabinet, which is an amazing and cheap cabinet loaded with two V30 celestion speakers.

http://www.woodbrass.com/tete+d%27ampli+guitare+a+lampes+bugera+333xl+-+120+watts?calculport_country_id=222&af=833 - 403 euroes
http://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_g212_vintage.htm - 189 euroes.

That'll stay within your budget and sound better than the 6505+ combo, and if you want you can swap out the head or cabinet later instead of being stuck with both of them (without doing quite a lot of work anyway) in the combo.

The 333xl has better cleans that the 6505+, as stated by the above poster.