i've been getting into weird orchestral stuff like penderecki, and i'm wondering about the high pitched atonal string screeches - i'm assuming it's just playing really high up on the violin, but is there a name for that technique? i'm talking about the effect at 0:04 in this clip:


i'd like to be able to use this sort of sound. are there any vsts that can do this? i have philharmonik right now but the violins don't reach that range, and even if they did, it would probably be kinda hard to do atonal slides like in the clip above.
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EWQL Gold has something like this, on one instrument, in a tiny keyswitch section. But it's not all that.

I'd also like something like this. :3
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violin vsts only go so far.
sure, you can get some good sounding notes out for simple melodies and rhythms but if you want something like in that link you're going to need a real one.

as for slides, unless a sample slides then you won't get one out of a vst. you're basically replicating strings with the flexibility of keys.