It's coming up to my 16'th soon and I'm looking for a new guitar. I've currently got an Epiphone Les Paul Special II (about £70, it's alright) but want something better.

I don't play metal, mainly stuff like Oasis and The Beatles - a Rickenbacker would be ideal I know, but they're far too expensive.

I like clean and smooth lines.

This is my current guitar.

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Look for a second hand semi-hollow of some sort.

An Ibanez AS/Epi Dot should do you fine
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Does an Ibanez come with humbuckers? Will I be able to put my Epi ones on it? Cheers for the help guys
dv247 and gear4music have a deal on at the moment for the vintage av6p (the one with 3 p90s) for £199 (including postage) in blue... if you're willing to buy online, might be worth considering.

Not sure if it'd be the best guitar for those tones, though. But if i were buying new, that'd be hard to beat at the price.
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