Whats the general "unbiased" UG opinion on the epiphone G-400?
im interested in the build quality as ive seen some pretty shoddy epi's.

can the stock pups handle high gain applications?
i plan on doing a swap to either a JB/59 combo, or a similar set of dimarzios once i get money again.
if you're going to put expansive pups in it, why not just get a better guitar that already has better pups in it. Assuming your going to pay 200 bucks for 'em. You might want to consider that. But i know someone who has it and it looked pretty nice and not cheap at all. Haven't played it though so dont value my opinion on this matter too much.
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I loved my G400.

Great guitar for the £100 I picked mine up for.

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im wanting to get an SG style guitar for cheap. (looking to spend under 250 USD) because itll be a learning guitar for me to mod.
ill change the pups, and eventually tuners, jack location to the side of the body, probably add an EMG boost switch (the PA2, i believe)
I didn't like the G400 I played(heavy, sounded really muddy, huge sticky-feeling neck and felt sorta awkward for me, though I usually play V-style so that could account for it) but everyone here likes them so I can only assume the one I played was a dud, plus a pickup swap should fix the tonal issue.
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is there much of a difference between the G-400 SG and the Worn G-400 SG other than the finish?
i have rather large hands, so a thick neck doesnt bother me.
i have an esp/ltd ec-1000 and i LOVE the neck on it. how does this neck compare?
I love the thick neck better my friend. The finish is more comfortable as I too find the gloss finished G400 to be sticky. Other than that they are the same.
the pickups are absolute crap for anything like palm muting....other then that they have some good harmonic response and are really hot
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Other than crap pickups, as most all factory pickups are "crap" in someone's opinion, is there anything i should look for in buying a used G-400?
is there such a difference between the chinese made and Korean made guitars, quality wise, that i should steer clear of chinese ones if i find a deal?

thanks for all your help so far, UGers, and please keep the wisdom coming!
Go for a 2nd hand Korean one.

I love Korean made Epiphones.

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i love my G-400, it handles high gain stuff pretty well, if you tweek the EQ on your amp a bit. good neck, comfortable, only downside is the huge neckdive
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I've got a "Custom Shop" with stock Emgs. 81-85

I use 52-11 for standard and Drop-C sharp.
It does high gain stuff with ease.

I found the it to be a little neck heavy, but I changed the balance by moving the strap button on the body. Some players act like moving it is a cardinal sin. It's very easy to get it to rest where you want it to.

It is a great guitar for my needs, but a Gibson SG Special in fair condition
can be found in the range of $599

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Go for a 2nd hand Korean one.

I love Korean made Epiphones.

My Korean Lp-100 plays like a dream.

btw...Some 90's Korean epi lps have Gibson truss covers...so dont let it scare you away.
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I wasn't a fan of the neck shape and thickness but that's just me.

Check the electronics to make sure everythings working.
My old G-400 had a screwy solder job and the neck pickup wouldn't work at times.
Simple fix, but it was still an annoying issue

The neckdive is terrible and one of the reasons I try to avoid recommending them to people, especially when trying to play faster music. (Not saying that it's impossible, the neck dive just complicates playing fast rhythms a bit too much for my preference.)

The stock pickups are just terrible and muddy as hell in my opinion. I compared them to some cheap Ibanez stock pups and the Ibanez ones sounded clearer to me.
I could hear a massive clarity difference between the SDs in my Edwards and the stock pups in the Epi through just my shitty Spider.
I have the 1966 G-400. For the price you're paying, it's a very good quality guitar. I would recommend getting it used to save yourself a bit of cash on it, but it won't disappoint for the price. Really fat neck though, lol.

Like someone else said, if you plan on dropping like $200 for pickups then I'd recommend just getting a high quality guitar. Though the 1966 G400 has really quality build; it might be worth swapping the pickups to have a near-Gibson quality to it. The regular G400 didn't seem like it was built as well, or with as good quality materials.
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i wont drop near $200 for a set of pickups.
i'm mainly looking for an Sg style guitar as a beater/companion guitar, since i wont trust my ec-1000 in a gig bag and i love the feel of an SG.
I ****ing love my G-400 but the stock pickups were pretty muddy and the soldering job on my output jack sucked but once I dropped in better pups and touched up the jack it's been a ****ing dream. If you're already planing on swapping out electronics then so long as you like the feel I can't recommend it enough.
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The best advice I can give on that guitat is to stay far, far away. I've never played one that wasn't complete shit for the price - unfinished and unlevel/dead frets, falling apart solder jobs, hardware that breaks (The tone knob on the one I used to have literally fell apart).

They can be okay on a rare occasion, but they usually take a lot of maintenance. The only instance in which I would suggest a G400 is if someone really liked the way the neck felt.
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Quote by Tom 1.0
Go for a 2nd hand Korean one.

I love Korean made Epiphones.

kind of "this" and kind of not.

i think you'd be better off going for a 1990s korean epi. i have 3 korean epis, my 1998 sheraton and 1999 G-400 custom are a lot better than their chinese made counterparts, but my 2004 G-400 is no better than any of the newer chinese made models - it's kind of a transition model between chinese and korean because it has grovers like the chinese epis but it was made in korea.

^i guess i was quite lucky not to have any fret problems with any of mine, because that's quite a common complaint with epiphones in general but not one i've seen too frequently.

the only gripe i have with epiphone SGs is the general instability of the neck - accidental neck-vibrato... and of course the infamous neck-dive. you have to treat them very differently in order to avoid these things but you can get used to them.
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