I've been looking for an Electric Acoustic (at the moment, just window-shopping, really)... and after a whole fifteen minutes of deep investigation on google, I saw a few Palmer and Hohner models at very reasonable prices.

I wanted to know your opinions on these, and which you thought might be better, pros/cons, etc.

I saw the Hohner HC-06E, Palmer Sonia, Elena and Conchita.

All of them are around $160 to $200, new.

Thanks in advance!
for that money, you're talking about an all laminate guitar. the guitars you list are nylon string - are you looking for a classical or a steel string acoustic?

if you're looking for entry level nylon, go with the hohner. palmer seems to make bottom level guitars i'd consider below entry level.

if you're looking for a steel string, try one of these - while it's all laminate, that's what you can afford. yamaha makes good quality good sounding entry level guitars.
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Nylon strings.

I already have a classical guitar and was thinking an electric acoustic might be nice to have too.

P.S. My current guitar cost $80.