Ya know... I watched the video again. That shit really looks like it's sped up. The way his picking hand moves is completely unnatural, and the whole thing is downstrokes. When you look when he blinks it just doesn't look right. Call my crazy, but it just doesn't look right.

It's probably not sped up a whole lot, but I am almost positive that it is. His other video is much more apparent.

EDIT: The more I watch it the more I can't tell. It might just be the video. If it isn't then I apologize.
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Sped up after 1:30 minutes maybe, because my camera is bad, i recorded on webcam, video is late
thnx man))) other covers i will record on my camera) with good video quality, and audio also)
the Hammer on/pull off lick was kind of sloppy in the main riff
some room for improvement here and there

but other wise great job

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