What have I done.
Opportunity on a golden platter
and i left it to rust in my decadent bedroom.
Girls ask "what's that for?"
Oh, that's just someone I used to be,
don't worry about it.
We've made it this far,
but we still haven't gone anywhere.

All these things I have to say
don't mean anything
without someone to listen.
Well I have someone to listen
but these words aren't worth her time.
Or mine for that matter.
Still trying to prove I'm better
than I will ever be.

That's how it goes when you play with fire
and forget where you put your lighter.
The second stanza is extremely weak in it's declarative delivery, like you gave up writing a piece and just started exclaiming, "No, seriously guys, this bitch sucks." It almost completely derails everything.

Is "decadent bathroom" really the phrase you're looking for? Unless the faucet is a beer tap and you're growing weed in the toilet then I don't understand the meaning of that.

The last line is coy enough, I suppose. Strong enough to make up for some weak spots.
Poor advice.