Well I've got 2 electrics and been playing for around 6 odd months now to a year and I've been wanting a decent accoustic (or electro accoustic) but im not really sure what im looking for, Thing Is playing my friends I dont like the drednaught styled accoustics I prefer ones with cut-aways so I've been looking at getting a £90 electro-accoustic such as -

Or even getting a more standardised style without the plastic round back such as -

But im really not sure whats best budget would be £100 tops really as It's gonna be my first accoustic so dont want to put loads into it right now, So really any idea's on decent accoustics or electro-accoustics for under £100 would be greatly appreciated, oh and finally I've also had my eye on this one - http://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Deluxe-Jumbo-Acoustic-Guitar-Piebald-Ash/C4T but again I dont really know if they are good for beginner accoustics or not :/