Poll: Which top do you prefer on a Seagull S6?
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So I searched around and couldn't find any threads like this one, but if there are feel free to post a link and delete this or whatever. I wanted to make a poll on which wood you prefer, cedar or spruce, specifically on the Seagull S6. Also, if you wish, post a reason why, too.
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Cedar. It requires a different style of bracing that Godin/Seagull does extremely well. However, their spruce tops can be matched by many other brands (at that point, the only real reason to get one is because of the wide fretboard). Honestly, to me it's just not a Seagull without a cedar top.

I've been a loyal Original S6 owner for something like six years now. It just gets better every year.
Sincerely, Chad.
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cedar. the original s6, which is cedar topped, is about the best sounding solid top guitar money can buy. in fact, close your eyes and i can pass for all solid with some kinds of playing. the spruce topped s6 is okay, but nothing special to my ears - i've heard better sounding spruce top guitars.
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I went to the store one day with a blank check and out of all the guitars at the store I liked the cedar s6 the most