ok i honestly know nothing lol
what is the best way to amplifiy an acoustic?
last time i played i plugged the guitar straight into the mixer
it sounded really bad, like metal scraping metal.
or if you know nothing like you said just using a Fender Acoustasonic amp isn't a bad choice at all!
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The best way to amplify a acoustic is an acoustic amp. AER in my opinion are best however i use a behringer ultra acoustic for gigs, its really heavy for me to lug around but i get the sounds i want
and i play independent from the PA, and has a good monitor setup which is is really necessary when playing acoustic for Rock or Jammin. Depending on what kind of music you play
or what are trying to achieve. You have to be careful about accepting info in this forum about acoustic amps, there is just so much crap from people who wouldnt have a clue. Cheers