lets build a tower and sit in its front lawn
stare me down until my air is gone
nows about the time
when i wish i had perfect flaws
plus size models and cheap ass plastic rings
lipstick, lighters, and bottomless underage drinks
lets make believe that i can make you laugh
when everybody else forgets your name
i may not look used
but would you believe the truth if i told you?
if its the only thing that i told you
cause its the only think that i told you

listen to it on my myspace if you want. id really appreciate it!
check out my other song that i have up there too. thanks!
****ing gorgeous, man. This is the type of stuff that will never receive the proper recognition on Ultimate Guitar.

Starting off with the lyrics:

The rhythm for the lyrics fit the song perfectly.
The lyrics fit the context; they are neither too vague nor too simple. The descriptions are perfect for this song. The first two lines are my favorite.

The song itself, as a whole unit, is equally impressive. The recording is spot on for a demo/acoustic track piece. Good sounding guitar. Your voice is really killer; you stay on key and you hold a nice melody.

All in all, this is one of the best songs I've come across on this website.


Could I ask for a critique from you on some lyrics from my piece?
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Sh*t man! thanks! i definately did not expect that whatsoever. i really appreciate that dude. ill definately check out your piece too. i dont think ill have enough time right now, but ill get around to it tonight.
once again man, thanks.