I made my first video today of me playing along to Joe Bonamassa's version of one of these days.

I used the video camera on my droid and recorded the audio with reapers help, then laced them together, mixed the audio and such fun things. I am seeking responses in every way possible, from my playing, to the mix of the audio, to the angle of the camera, whatever.

Post a link to your video (VIDEO) and I shall do the same.



youtube was taking an excruciatingly long time to upload and I hit post even though youtube hadn't finished it yet. my bad!

will post after it publishes, sorry for the newbie mistake.
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvgkAzJqJUQ here is the link, although it still says its publishing/processing If i had known it was going to take a hell of a long time, I'd of uploaded it tonight and posted tomorrow.
Sounds really good dude! You put a lot of emotion into your playing.

Sound quality isn't too great though. Guitar sounds really muddy.
Ok, so how do I make the guitar less muddy? I was using a wah on the last half and using the lower end of it.

Is the track to loud? guitar maybe to quiet? Ideas on how to make the audio quality better?
I am editing the mix a little bit and working on a repost. I think part of the problem is that I dont have the mic up close enough to the amp. But I tried turning down the volume of the track and boosting the guitar a little bit so that the guitar stands out more....

again, I have no idea how to fix it being "muddy" and im curious as to the definition of muddy so i will mess with the mix of it. Next time I record I will get the mic closer to the speaker so that maybe its not muddy.
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Sounded really good lot of emotion.

This might just be cause I watched it on my phone but the video seems slightly off synch with the audio. Other then that great job IMO. Great use of wah and I think your tone was pretty good.
If its off its slightly, as I said I had to lace things together. I had to record the audio through reaper cause the sound my camera picked up sounded like assholes. So i had to sync them together. it took a long time to get it that close. I again am going to work on this today and try to fix it.
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It means you did a good job

Cool, I was worried I didn't get it. The amount of work it took to get to that point was unnecessary. It took me the better part of 6 hours to set up record and edit that one track. Pain in the ass, which makes your comment all that much more appreciated. Thanks.
Ok first off I lol'd at your comment that the camera audio sounded like assholes! Your time is good but it is if notmuddy definitely buried in the mix. Some extra compression/eq/better Mic placement might be all that's required, also the mic you used might have something to do with it. All in all nice expressive playing and cool guitar it reminds me of my Schecter. Also to add I love Joe's work probably gonna do slow gin myself!
i did this off a droid cell phone camera. I miss this guitar, it had burst buckers and a boost switch, two volumes and no tone control. It was like trying to steer an out of control car. Hell of a guitar, I should of never sold.