hey guys, quick question, not sure where to put it but i generally get the best answers here so here i go:

ive seen some guitarists tape their fingers/ their right hand, never the left hand (pretty obvious why) but the best example off the top of my head being kirk hammet.

why do they do this?

i tried it for the first time today because theres this small cut on my middle finger that the strings keep getting into and it hurts alot and the tape helps alot, but ive noticed it tightens up my picking and actually speeds it up a bit, anybody else tape their picking fingers/hand? why?

EDIT: also just like toput it out there that im using green painters tape which is gonna stand out a bit if i decide to gig with taped fingers
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If you look at the side of your hand, right below your pinkie, you'll see there are some wrinkle lines. At least there are on my hand... [laughs] Because of my playing style, I'm constantly hitting the strings and palm muting and, generally, beating up my right hand. Over the course of a tour, those wrinkles start busting open and bleeding. I put tape over the wrinkles so they don't break open and bleed all over my guitar, 'cause if a string gets in there once your hand is cut --wow!--that stings! Plus, it lets me play faster since it reduces drag between my hand and the strings.

google.com try it
I once read in an interview with Hammet that he does it because he gets lots of small, barely noticeable cuts in his hands and when he gigs and the sweat starts dripping it stops the sweat from stinging his hand.

I had no idea anyone else did it.
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ok then its for the same reason im doing it too i guess

its just that i hold the pick in a really odd way, most people ive seen only use their thumb and index to hold the pick, but i also have my middle finger holding the pick and it works well for me, but ya, lately its started to cut up my hand