I'm at that period once again where i need some fresh music. I just bought high quality headphones so i've been listening to music a lot and exploring genres. Lately it's been Daft Punk, Nine Inch Nails, John Frusciantes solo stuff, and a little bit of rap. If anyone can point me in a direction i may like or atleast find interesting just comment. I'm not interested in listening to any metal bands at the moment, machine head is all i need for my metal fix atm.

Somethin that could really push these headphones would be cool too!
Some high quality Marley will hit you good. Or any high quality reggae tbh.

Some Psytrance like Infected Mushroom, should get you to jizz over the bass of your headphones too.
That ofc would depend on how good your headphones are.

Sticking to Rock, Eddie Vedder's solo album: Into The Wild OST is pretty cool too.

Give em a try. Tell me what you think
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Jrayz, eddie vedders into the wild cd has been in my top 5 albums since i heard it! And i do happen to have a good dose of Bob and Ziggy on my ipod, though it's been awhile. And I'll check that other band.

Heard about Dubstep a lot, never really listened, will check it out.

And MCR has surprised me before, so i'll have a listen.

thanks guys, i just needed that little push!
hahaha Infected Mushrooms reminds me of some pretty rough house parties i was at over the summer, both good and bad memories came from them, mostly bad hahahahha
I've actually been promoting this underground/local band that you may like.

You can hear their songs here.

And here is their facebook.

They have a certain alt/blues/rock feel to them.


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The most brutal band to ever exist is...

You should go like them...even if you don't like them.

try some brian eno. he's best known for ambient music but his pop stuff is superior imo.

also, there's nothing like a good bit of soul/funk