Ok, so I've had my electric guitar for about nine months now and decided to put new strings on it. They're sounding really strange. They sound fine when they're played open, but as soon as I play a string fretted it sounds like it's muted some how. When I say muted I don't mean silent, I mean they sound like when you mute your string by playing with your finger on a fret bar.

The three highest pitch strings(E,B,G) sound fine on just about every fret, but the lower three strings sound muted. On the D string, if you play above fret 15, the tune stays the same and sounds really muted, but on every fret below that, it sounds fine. But then on the A and low E strings, they sound muted even when you play the first fret, but sound fine open.

Also, the strings sound like crap when you play it with distortion. The guitar sounded really nice before I put the new strings on, but the high E string broke while I was playing it so I decided to replace them all. I cannot figure out why this is happening, unless I got the wrong strings by mistake. I'm pretty sure I stringed them correctly.

If you have any ideas, let me know.
check your tone knob/volume knob?
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I'm not sure what gauge they are, but I'm pretty sure they aren't the same as the old ones that came with the guitar. ANd you're dumb if you suggest the volume knob. I clearly stated that the strings played but sound muted(as in technique muted, not volume muted). ANd how would I fix fret buzz? The gauge is pretty light, not sure exactly what gauge though.