has anyone seen these in store yet. From what i get its a a VM jag with a active jazz control play and jack. They come in black red and 3 tone sunburst. See i found out bout these things in a catalog i got in the mail. The catalog sells them for 199 usd brand new and i wanna in store buy one but no where seems to have them not even GC.(even on the website. The catalog seems to suggest its out(i can order it from them over the phone but was looking for more of an in store test out first thing or at the very least a releaible online place.
I was looking at the Jag a little while back, but just like you, I couldn't find any sites that sell the special version or the humbucking version either (which is the one I was looking at).

They've only recently been released, so perhaps stores haven't put them in store yet. They definitely have the normal jag in store and on sites though. So I guess it just a waiting game..

Btw, you said you saw the jag special for US$199. Are you sure? I'm sure they retail for at least US$299. Unless it's some uber-discount.
There was once a wise Chinese man who said:

"All you can eat, $12.50"
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Yes ill post link later sweet water music is a site and mag that has them as preorder both humback and the other forr 199 usd there r takin preorder atm