this may be very strange to some.
but ever since ive started to play guitar, ive always said every now and then that im horrible and not good at all. but by doing so this has lead me to want to be a great guitarist and to achieve many things.
Has this come across you?
Is this normal?
You mean get the feeling that I suck? All the time. But I can't say that I've capitalized on that. I just accept it.


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i think it may be the i suck feeling. but it drives me to play cleaner, faster and a whole lot better.
I sometimes think that I suck. That in turn makes me practice more and take it more seriously.
Then I learn more and cease to suck (to my own ear). Then my taste develops further, I'll begin thinking that I suck again, and the circle starts over.
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for me it's a balancing act between thinking that I suck enough to keep striving to get better, but also not so much that I just quit. Likewise I want to play enough stuff that I can play pretty well so I feel good about my playing, but not so much that I think I don't need to improve.
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