I'm looking to trade for a 4-piece, 3-cymbal drum set (preferably Tama or Pearl). Ideally the kit would include two toms, a bass, and a snare with a ride, crash, and hi-hat, though it is negotiable. Additions to the offer are welcome of course.

I would be willing to trade anything from the following categories:

Guitars (PRS/Strat combo or Ibanez/Strat Combo or individual):
Black PRS SE Soapbar 2 (great condition, some minor sticker residue on the body, new strings)
Cherry Red Ibanez RG120 (great condition, a few corner chips in the paint)
Sunburst Mexican Stratocaster (good condition, a few minor scratches in the neck and some scratching on the back of the body, new strings)

Basses (Any or all):
Black Washburn Lyon series bass (good condition, strap locks replaced by heavy-duty i-hooks)
Black First Act bass (good condition, red-painted pickguard)
Black Rogue Fretless bass (great condition, no major scratching/denting)

Amps (Both or individual):
Line 6 Spider III 75 Watt (good condition, one screw on the top is stripped )
Yamaha GA10 10 Watt (good condition, useful for practicing)

Misc. (Any or all):
Dunlop Cry Baby GCB-95 Wah Pedal (great condition, not much use)
Hardshell Bass Case (okay condition, some sticker residue, crack in one of the corners, nothing major)
Soft travel guitar case w/ pocket (good condition, no tears or holes)

I'm located in the D/FW, Texas, US area. I cannot pay for overseas shipping, though continental shipping is very doable.
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