I'm looking to change the speakers in my home made 2x12 cab. My amp is a Marshall 6101 which I've turned into a separate head & cab. I've got a pair of Marshall branded speakers in there at the moment & would like something better. I play everything from the Beatles to Slayer, so something with good headroom & not too bright, the speakers I have now are too bright & I would like something bassier. My cab is the same size as a Marshall 1936 2x12 cab, closed back, but I'm still getting to much top end. If I take the middle & treble down, I struggle to hear myself. I played through a Randall 4x12, which sounded great, but would be a royal pain in the arse to move about!!
As I'm in the UK, Celestions would be preferable due to cost, but that's not essential. Thanks peeps
I am always a fan on mixing speakers so I highly recommend it. My 4x12 and 2x12 are both half V30s and half G12t-75s. V30s are pretty standard, but a lot of people do not like the G12t-75s. The G12s have a naturally scooped sound so they lend themselves to metal but I fell like the V30s balance this out with a ton of classic-rock midrange.

Whatever you go with, mix up your cab!

Edit: Look into the G12s, I do have to cut my treble down to cut their sharp tendency but they will give you a large amount of low-end.
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Thanks sacamano, I've played thru a Marshall 1960 too, which is all G12T75's, which sounded good. Just wondered if a V30 might be a bit much with the infamous Marshall mid-hump sound.I'll just have to try it & see I guess
Yea just test different cabs and see what you like. Slayer always used 75's.
But rock and blues usually call for greenbacks.

SeventyEighties are in the middle of the road.

I would make another 2x12, stock one with Greens and the other with 75's.

Of course you could always splurge and look into Scumback speakers...