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They're both songs and they're both about the nature of reality, which is nice.

katherine's story

an ethereal orange was scattered on the water
though the sunlight had dipped below the reaches of the river,
and katherine sat feeling time growing thinner
under the chatter of the gods, above the murmur of monsters

she lay on her back with her ears on the ground
letting whispers and shrieks bubble up all around,
which with a terrible thunder came crashing down
and surrounded her with shards of solid sound

and from up in the clouds in a flash of white light
an army of kaleidoscope eyes came into sight
and katherine saw dimensions writhing inside
as they carried her upwards towards the open sky.

she fell onto the carpet of her living room floor
and watched a man walk in through the door
who said that he had heard a crashing sound
and asked why she was lying on the ground

when no answer came he offered her a cup of tea,
said supper would be chips and beans
and he asked her if she was really watching the telly
before changing the channel to the bbc.

Real Eyes Realize

This world, is one of lines | Some verbose, of misshapen design
It only makes sense to those-Who don’t understand why
Our mortal nemesis-lives- in the gaps of a mortal’s mind
We are all imbued-enemies-of the state
You’re a ‘ vexed hurdle-that aspires to retire
An eternity is described as hate
Read the caption as the picture sets on fire
Chorus: Is what exactly your message?| Chug a bottle of fear and piss out direction!
So don’t talk to me about protection|You have no need to loose sleep,In what do they speak English?
There’s complications - between people - in countless nations
Bars + Rage =‘s Barrage - and I’m a witness
No different | Good to know when’s my piss test
Float the feeling till the meaning | Flicker flux synapses
Concatenation, a wrought string of shaky cadence
Plan to win, when you expect to loose | Your smile, in the denial of exile
A miscellaneous tat is a permanent bruise
Peace, dually , is a mixture of defeat | And being no more silent than sleep
You can complain until your ordained or assuaged -Quick_
Think on the second it takes to be amazed
And try and think on the bulk who perished | How many included truth that did them in
Where fear of war is a fear of the poor | Propaganda is heresies rich cousin
Self caught, falling off the page | I write till I’m awake in the messages I make
A rhyme-in the rhythm, of common sense|Open’s the rip tide in the veins of your eye’s
Used to it, Abuse is music | Spit on brief niceties and it’s coarse mesh ply’s
My mind bends - to the light your steppin’ through
Make no vacillation, real eyes realize the truth
Our tolerance - Has made us incompetent | And so has our ideals
Is it us or them who’s unstoppable - Try and top ignorance and mass appeal
Is what exactly your message? A diet to me is watching how much I sleep
So don’t talk to me about protection. A decoration, to miles of silhouetted fleet
I’ve survived a silent struggle. My god is my conscience, denied.
Violence swells a tidal wave of seismic pressure. Measure a violin naked to the eye
It’s a joke that keeps you laughing. Laughing until you cry
Revolution is more than a solution, our greatest tradition, we let die.

3 points.
There's only one thing we can do to thwart the plot of these albino shape-shifting lizard BITCHES!
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There were some parts of yours that i didn't think worked, but then i read it again. i really like this piece. There's alot in it and to it, but it's easy to take in. i like it's tempo. i hear the drums pounding in my head as i read it. i might vote for you myself.
That blue was really offensive to my UG Black vision while the orange was the perfect complement.

Plus, I also felt that orange was a lot tighter and better. Maybe with some editing (especially spelling), the blue one could be better.