I was just thinking about at what point social issues becomes a social disorder. There's a guy in my dorm at college who I've known since 2nd grade (for those of you not in America, 7-8 years old).

He's 19 and still wears those beige pants with the elastic waistbands (pretty much social kryptonite). To my knowledge, he has no actual friends, and is completely fine with that. He pretty much stays in his room reading children's books, playing Pokemon (not knocking playing Pokemon, but playing all day and wearing one of these is pretty weird), and eating snacks. But he's not fat because his celiac medication contains anabolic steroids.

He giggles when someone says "penis," thinks gay jokes are ridiculous, has a nerdier laugh than this, and is pretty much the most socially inept human being I've ever come across.

But he's also the sweetest, kindest, friendliest, and most open person I've ever known.

I understand there are some people with social issues. But he's been the same for as long as I've known him. I used to be socially inept, but now have no issues with that. So would you say he's inept or has a social disorder, like a level of autism?

And at what point of social ineptitude is someone more than just awful at social situation?
Sounds like it could be something very minor. My cousin has slight autism, and is the same way... well, minus the pants we all grew out of at 8
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I suppose if his social issues inhibited his ability to function on a day to day basis, you'd class it as a problem.
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