Hi there. I am recording with a Samson CO3U mic and using Audacity. I get alot of screechy string noise and was wondering if there is a way to minimise this. Is this a problem with my setup or with my playing? Any help would be appreciated.
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dyou mean from your fingers sliding along the strings? you can always try the mic at a different spot (should do it anyway to find the best sound)
try from the bridge pointing up the neck, or from the neck pointing down the bridge, or from behind your shoulder
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mic different places, new strings, work on your playing technique, EQ some of it out (if you go to far it will sound worse so be careful with it). all of those will help a little bit. add all those little bits together and you've got a big difference.

also know that string squeaking is just part of acoustic guitars. there's always going to be some.
I'm seriously considering getting a set of flat wound nylons. Chaconne just doesn't sound right with all those screeches.
The timeless in you is aware of the timelessness of life.
Tons of professional records have those screeches. Don't worry about it.
I remember someone I know used to tell me he always would try to avoid them and then heard the song Blackbird and realized they can sound very natural and fit in smoothly.

There's not necessarily a way to remove them completely but you can lessen them. It can take some work though.

Here's an example:

Unless I point it out like in this thread, you won't really notice them but there's a screech after the first and third bar. In the original, they were very loud and basically overpowered the rest.

Might not be completely gone, but it doesn't bother me like that at all.

The way you play can effect it as well. Pick your fingers up more and move them over quickly rather than dragging them.
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If you move your mick closer to the neck it should have a softer sound

Pretty sure you pick up more string noise by doing that.

Anyway, like techni said, don't worry about string noise. Nobody else will notice it as much as you do when you're focusing on it.
Hey thanks for the great replies. Its amazing how mental one can become when recording. Hopefully i will upload some mp3's soon.
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