Rumors spread like wild fire
But they know the truth
the truth already
and i'm a liar yeah im the liar but you're the liar
Cuz i can't believe you
that you, would
let me come back again
and when he said
what's wrong with you
you left, you left way too soon

No track marks but im in tune
and she remarks Cuz i'm the liar
And the old fire
its been ruined
maybe it's the fights, busted bottles, or all them burnt spoons
But who cares anyways, who cares if we fade away
And maybe you're right, cuz with or with out it, we've lost sight.
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I don't really understand the line "and i'm a liar yeah im the liar but you're the liar" or the part about burnt spoons.. I get the song as a whole but im sort of seeing some (for lack of a better term) forced parts into this, by that I mean the burnt spoons.. I just dont get what that has to do with the theme of the song