I found this guitar in a local pawn shop and it lpooked rather good for the low price tag. Im wondering what its worth considering the store probably knows nothing about guitars and its made in Japan and has a Kahler trem.


Nz dollars BTW.

I could imagine it is a great guitar - especially for the money. However, it's unlikely to be profitable, as most Aria's don't hold their value too well.
So if you like it, buy to play, not to sell.
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I'm an Aria Pro II nut, I absolutely love them. They'll fetch a good price if you find a pack of savage fans like me who love them, although that price is probably about right. These days, Aria don't have a very good name for themselves, so people automatically lump them in with brands like Encore and low-end Yamahas.

If this model was made in the Matsumoku factory (which I think it was) then it's worth even more. It's worth the price you would pay, IMO. But by all means play it, if you don't like it then it's worthless
If it was worth a lot, we would tell you it wasn't worth anything and then try to buy it from you for a cheap price.

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Kahlers probably cost half of that. I'd buy it if it was me.