On the 19th I bought my second electric guitar. (my first guitar was a gift from my dad). So it's the first guitar i've ever bought entirely myself. I went to Denmark Street in London, and walked in every shop. Last shop I went in was all Fenders (Fenders in the front, Squires in the back). Most of the other shops were way above my price range. Anyways I tried about 9 Stratocasters and didn't really like the necks on any of them. I resorted to just putting my hand on all the necks regardless of price or colour n_n and found ONE. So I bought it. It's a Mexican Standard Strat in Lake Placid Blue. And i'm very happy to own a guitar that is not a copy of anything!
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congrats dude, no recent purchases here lol had to sell all my gear :/ hence the small sig and crappy equipment lol
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Fender Deluxe Roadhouse Strat, not the clearest picture now that I look at it but oh well. I bought it early Jan. of this year.
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