I've been in the market for a new amp lately, so I've been going to various stores to try them out. Inevitably, if I didn't have my guitar, I couldn't play as well, especially certain techniques. I can play an acoustic guitar while sitting down, but electrics are a different story.

I have the most trouble playing galloping/palm muted riffs, and tremolo picking. There's something about having the guitar hanging from my strap that makes those techniques come to life. When the guitar is in my lap, it's like I just can't get the same power or precision. So I'm a little concerned that I'm doing something wrong, lol - because a lot of professional musicians can play either or.

When I use those techniques, I know not to throw a lot of "elbow" into it - but I sort of "lock" my elbow and use small movements with my wrist/hand. Sometimes my elbow gets a little tired; not from moving, but from flexing and tension. Is this something I need to work on, or does it go with the territory?
I take it you practice standing too? There are tons of threads with problems the opposite of yours. Most people play sitting down so standing is what gives them the trouble. Practice is everything. If you start to play more often while sitting you will improve.
You shouldn't "lock" it, that just makes you more tense.
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stay loose and try adjusting the strap when you are sitting, maybe tighten it up a bit.
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Yeah just practice both ways. I have a problem doing the exact things you mentioned while standing up so thats how i'm playing for the most part now.
I`m similar, I feel my movement is more restricted when sitting, and it just doesn`t flow as well as when i`m standing.
I cant play very well standing up either but thats down to practice and the angle of my arm when standing up.

Id say you need to switch it up play up and down now and again. Im not sure how you constantly play standing up because i get serious neck ache.
^^Lol - I got a neckache the other day from playing while sitting. I've been playing standing up for about 10 years now - I never sit down to play at home. I guess it's just something you get used to. I was more or less concerned that my playing style of having a lot of tension in my elbow was incorrect. I think I need to work on that so I don't end up with tendonitis or something...