Most of you have probably heard the Bedroom Intruder song more times than you can handle, but there is more to 'auto-tuning the news' than you might have seen.

For those of you who have not yet been exposed to the phenomena of 'Accidental Singing;'

Accidental singing is the art of editing a youtube video that previously contained no music to make it seem as though the subject of the video is singing. Auto-tune and audio and video editing software is also involved in the process, as are recorded or synthesised backing tracks.

Famous examples are The Bedroom Intruder Song and The Double Rainbow Song

Mostly these videos are intended to be funny and catchy, but some fail to be either. There are some based on serious videos which actually turn out to be pretty decent songs.

A Glorious Dawn
Martin Luther King Speech

Discuss, share your favourite videos, show off any that you have created, etc.

TL;DR If you pick just one video from this post, make it the Martin Luther King one.
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wow, the martin luther king speech was moving. great video.

thanks for the share.
Does Kurt Cobain count........he was an accident wasn't he???
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Since he posted the wrong link in the OP, here's "Glorious Dawn," Carl Sagan autotuned.

It's amazing, not in part because Sagan was an amazing speaker. There's a whole series of science auto-tunes, and I recommend you listen to them all.

"A still more glorious dawn awaits."

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