Ok, here it goes...I currently own a Nady DKW-1 wireless system and looking for a better upgrade. Since Im on a budget I cant afford to get a real top of the line wireless system so I have to go with what I can. Im looking to get one of these two wireless systems that have that little transmitter bug on the guitar instead of the pack and the little pedal board style receiver:

the Samson Airline AG1 UHF Guitar/Bass Wireless with Right Angled Plug


the Nady MGT 16 UHF Wireless (also with right angled plug)

By look they are relatively the same with the only difference is that I think you have to choose a channel for the Samson (maybe) but according to various reviews on each site that I found these on..they are relatively mixed. The Samson tended to get higher reviews than the Nady but like I said...I really dont see a difference and since I cant really try them, I cant decide which to go for. Any help would be greatly appreciated if any of you own one or the other.

PLUS, if I did get one with a channel..which is the best channel to get? Im still not familiar with that sort of thing and how all that works. Lastly, is there a real difference on the Samson between the pedal style and/or the rackmount other than what its is described???
Sennheiser makes really good wireless systems.
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In another forum someone mentioned the Line 6 X2 XDS95 Digital Wireless Instrument System...Now how does this one weigh against the other two that I mentioned? Obviously in price the Line 6 is the winner but how does it stack up in quality?