Ok, Ive been looking all over the net on how to properly setup all of my gear and Ive seen all sorts of ways possible. I know this subject is beat to death but I want to fully understand how to do this. I know that its according to my taste, but I want to know if there is a general rule of lining these up. Here is what I have and here is how Im messing with it.

SansAmp Bass Driver DI (I use as a pre-amp)
Boss GT-6b effects processor
Mark Tremonti Power Wah Boost
Bass Big Muff Pi
Nady DKW-1 Wireless
Crate BX50 practice amp (no effects loop)

My setup is more or less like this...

AMP---bass DI---processor----dist----wah----wireless----BASS

Is this correct or is there a better way? Also, I plan on pretty much eliminating the processor eventually and get a compressor, tuner, maybe even an Eq later...so where do these fit into my equation? Any help would be great!
You've got the typical set up down; you can try swapping the wah and muff around for a different sound to see if you like it.

The rule of thumb (before experimenting to see if you like something better) is: tuners--filters--volume/boost/dirt--modulation--delay/reverb.

Tuners usually go in the very front, compressors can fit many different places in the chain, but are often put after dirt and before modulation, and eqs can work in a number of places (very front, after dirt, before amp, or in effects loop).

Experimenting is where the real fun comes in though!
Can I ask why you've got the wireless in there if you're using a practise amp?
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Honestly I really didnt need the multi-effects unit now that I realize it many years later. Im trying to clear myself away from it but I need a basic knowledge of how to set up proper pedal chain to enhance my sound. I mainly use it for amp modulation when I run it direct into the mixer and to boost my little practice amp. I have yet to get a rig so I have to use this for the time being. But, I have the DI now so I honestly use it for the tuner and volume...thats about it. Itll eventually go away one I get the new amp Im getting here soon. I may reprogram it to use some effects if needed. Mainly, I just want to go with my DI, a tuner, maybe a compressor, my wireless, my wah and the big muff. Is there anything I should have in there to add?
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There's no effects you "should" have. Just get the effects you want.
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1967 Fender Coronado Bass II
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Quote by consecutive e
There's no effects you "should" have. Just get the effects you want.

Dont agree with this. It depends on what your playing. Someone like me, im trying to play electronic, drum&bass, Dubstep. Some pedals are vital. Low pass filters, chorus, fuzz, tremelo, octave. After that ive got comrpessors, modulators, pitch shifters and midid etc etc. The first few are needed to create these sounds.

Otherwise what the dude said up ^^^^^^. Some pedals will work better in different parts of the chain. But start with the standard and move them about. All part of the experimentation.
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well when you se tup a pedal chain you want to think about what is effecting what.

I know a guy who had his echo before a distortion pedal, this made it to where when he played a note it sounded distored and then the first echo would come back quieter than the first and it would be less distorted then less distorted then clean and then get quieter as it went on.

now this was actually kinda badass, but it wasn't what he was going for. just sit down and think about whats going on before each pedal.

I would put the wireless first, obviously. then the tuner because you don't want to use a perfectly clean signal to tune. next I would put the distortion and the wah. it really doesn't matter the order. some like the distortion first, some like it after. Then the compressor. you don't want the compressor beofre the distortion because that will take all the dynamics out of the fuzz. then your DI to the PA.
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